Don't pay your tickets, DISMISS them! Here's how:

1.   File for an extension online, by phone, or in person at the courthouse. Actually, file for as many extensions as the court allows.

Find contact info for your court 

2.   Plead not guilty and request a trial by declaration by the date on the ticket or the date established by any extension(s). This may be done in person at the courthouse or by mail. Addresses for courts?  

If you choose to make your request in person, go to the courthouse on your ticket (or courtesy notice if you received one) on or before the due date and request a trail by declaration from the traffic court clerk. The clerk will supply you with forms TR-200 and TR-205 and let you know when they must be returned (usually 30 days from the date of your request). You may also be asked to post bail. You can pay your bail at that time or per Rule of Court 4.210(b)(4) and Vehicle Code 40902(b) include the bail with your actual statement. This is purely your prerogative.

If you choose to make your request by mail (per Section 40519(b) of the California Vehicle Code) fill out this form (or create one of your own) and mail it to the courthouse via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. Link to post office?

*The court must receive your request by the due date or you are
automatically guilty.